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Stop listening to the experts!

It has been a while since I contributed my last blog post. Like most other projects of mine, the one constant that keeps running when other priorities arise is the calendar. I have been spending a lot of windshield time the past few months, crisscrossing the territory that Northland Buildings covers. I visit our sales… Read more »

Busy beavers don’t get angry?

I was taking a hike through a nature trail earlier this spring. About a mile into the hike, I noticed along the trail an unfinished project. At first the leaning tree, about a six-inch diameter, looked as if someone took a hatchet to the base. As I got closer I recognized the work of a… Read more »


What a winter this has been! That’s the same thing I said exactly a year ago today. Only then, it was “What a WINTER this has been!” The old saying in Wisconsin and Minnesota is if you don’t like the weather, just wait a few hours, it will change. True enough. This winter has been… Read more »