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Stop listening to the experts!

It has been a while since I contributed my last blog post. Like most other projects of mine, the one constant that keeps running when other priorities arise is the calendar. I have been spending a lot of windshield time the past few months, crisscrossing the territory that Northland Buildings covers. I visit our sales… Read more »

Busy beavers don’t get angry?

I was taking a hike through a nature trail earlier this spring. About a mile into the hike, I noticed along the trail an unfinished project. At first the leaning tree, about a six-inch diameter, looked as if someone took a hatchet to the base. As I got closer I recognized the work of a… Read more »


What a winter this has been! That’s the same thing I said exactly a year ago today. Only then, it was “What a WINTER this has been!” The old saying in Wisconsin and Minnesota is if you don’t like the weather, just wait a few hours, it will change. True enough. This winter has been… Read more »


On October 5th this year I was saddened to hear the news that Steve Jobs died. Steve Jobs has had a direct impact on many, many people, and has influenced countless millions of others. I fall into the first category, though Steve would never remember. I resisted writing about it in this blog to name-drop… Read more »

The Best Time of the Year

I like this time of year. There’s a chill in the air in the morning that often gives way to warm sunshine through the day. The leaves are starting to change. The humidity is down, and it smells fresh. It’s fall, which means high school and college football. Raking leaves on a Saturday afternoon with… Read more »