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Windows are available in White and Taupe.

Garage Doors (not pictured) are available in White and Brown.

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Design your post-frame building from a variety of colors and styles.

Want to see what your next Northland Buildings post-frame building will look like? Our color selector should give you a good idea. Click on the sections of the building above, and try out different colors to design your own building. When you’re done, you can print your design by clicking the PRINT icon on the image.

Northland Advantage Series

29 gauge galvanized steel panel that’s a perfect option when considering affordability when planning your building.

Northern Elite Series

Northern Elite’s quality 26 gauge galvanized steel panels are the top of the line, offering years of exceptional durability and quality.


Colors are examples only. Due to differences in computer equipment, the colors shown or printed should not be construed as an exact representation of Northland Buildings colors. For a more accurate sample, please request a color chart.