What a winter this has been!
That’s the same thing I said exactly a year ago today. Only then, it was “What a WINTER this has been!”

The old saying in Wisconsin and Minnesota is if you don’t like the weather, just wait a few hours, it will change. True enough. This winter has been mild almost beyond compare, though when I test my gray matter I can recall some pretty mild winters. I am not sure how much I like it. Well, okay, I don’t really mind not having to start the car at twenty below zero and keeping the house warm, but sometimes a coating of white cleans up the landscape, and we always tend to feel guilty that a run of weather like this means there will be some sort of payback later on.

In fact we know Mother Nature can still dish out a doozy of a March state tournament blizzard. But even if, the sun is higher in the sky and any winter snow or cold event will not be as sharp or as long as if it happens on the shortest days of December and January.

I suspect it’s time to look back and say we’ve enjoyed the winter we’ve had (except for no cross-country skiing). For a construction company in the upper Midwest, Northland Buildings has enjoyed the winter months, helping us get off to a reasonably good start. As I start my second full year in charge of this company, I hope the economy continues to show some signs of life and turns into a full-fledged rebound. I am looking forward to serving our customers again this year.

Spring is almost here!